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Welcome to The Artizan Way - a specialty greenhouse & design studio where we specialize in the highest quality plants and botanical accessories. We are always searching to bring you new and rare varieties of Tillandsia and beautiful ways to display and care for them. We LOVE what we do and feel so lucky to be on this journey. We believe that translates into the health and beauty of our plants and discerning choices in our products.

fossil planter

Air Plant Container - Fossil Planter for Air Plants, House Plant Display Planter, Tillandsia Plant Holder

essential tools of the trade

terrarium tools

Terrarium gardening is made easier with the right tools for precision. These have extended handles for getting into tight spaces, are well made and well thought out for their purposes. Plus they are so cute!

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Air Plant Fertilizer

This fertilizer is a nitrogen blend designed specifically for Tillandsias (air plants). It is packaged in a 2 oz. or 8 oz. mister bottle, making it easy to lightly spray your plants every one to two weeks.

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vintage plant mister

No need to hide this mister! It is perfectly designed in a vintage style making it both decorative and functional. Perfect for misting air plants of all kinds, tillandsia, succulents, ferns, cactus.

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How to take care of Air Plants so they Stay Healthy and Grow Quickly
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How to keep your air plants healthy and happy
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