Our Top Air Plant Gifts for Mother's Day

Our Top Air Plant Gifts for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is such a special day - our chance to show our Mom how much we care about them and appreciate them.  If you struggle each year to find thoughtful, unique gifts for your mom, you're not alone! Let our curated list of air plant gift ideas help you find the perfect present. 

Here's a roundup of our favorite air plant gifts for Mom this Mother's Day:

Mini Terrarium Air Plant Gift for Mom

Our new Tiny Terrarium is a the perfect gift for a Mom who is new to air plants.  This adorable gift comes with a choice of beach sand or terra cotta sand and includes an ionantha air plant.  It's a super low maintenance plant, making it ideal for anyone who is new to the world of air plants.  All it needs is a mist of water once a week.  This mini terrarium would look so cute on Mom's desk at work, nestled among books on a bookshelf or on her bedside table.  The Tiny Terrarium comes in a box with string and a tag, so it's ready for gifting - making your life a little easier too!  Pair with our beautifully illustrated Houseplant Care Cards for a complete gift that will ensure Mom starts her air plant adventures on the right foot with sage advice.

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Air Plant Accessories - Animals - Monkey, Sloth

If your mom is already an air plant collector, she may not need more air plants (ok, who are we kidding, there's ALWAYS room for one more plant!).  For houseplant collectors looking to up the cuteness factor on their plant displays, we love these plant animals that add a dash of whimsy wherever they are spotted.  There's a whole gang to choose from - from sloths to praying mantis and everything in between, so find Mom's favorite animal for a thoughtful gift.

Animals not Mom's thing?  We have other houseplant decor, like our ferris wheel or windmill that she may love instead!

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 For the Mom who has it all, or is a serious collector of air plants, Mother's Day is a great time to splurge on a rare air plant to add to her collection.  Chances are, these hard to find and interesting looking air plants are probably on Mom's wish list, making them a wonderful gift that she really deserves but might not want to buy herself.  We have some unique and hard to find air plant varieties, including Tillandsia Tricholepis (pictured), Tillandsia Kautskyi, Tillandsia Cacticola and more at a variety of different price points for every budget.  Surprise Mom with a specialty air plant that she can proudly add to her collection.

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Air Plants Book

Finally, for the mom who loves air plants and just wants to learn as much as she can about these fascinating houseplants, treat her to our favorite, most comprehensive book about tillandsia.  She will love the knowledge inside as well as the beautiful photography.  This gorgeous and info-packed book looks fabulous on a coffee table and can be leafed through at random or read cover-to-cover.  We have some adorable leaf shaped bookmarks that would be the perfect complement.

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If you are looking for a unique Mother's Day gift this year, consider our air plants & accessories - we've collected our top picks that Mom will love.  The last thing Mom needs is a difficult to care for plant or bouquet of flowers that will be gone within a week.  Air plants are gorgeous and unique, and they last a long time with minimal care, making them an easy houseplant for even the beginner gardener.

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