Group of Air Plants in Pots and Planters

Love your Air Plants and They Will Love You Back

We talk a lot around here about how to take exceptional care of your air plants so that they don't just survive, but they thrive.  But for all the pampering you do for your air plants (you know you pamper them!!) what do they do for you?  Having a home full of houseplants and tillandsia can be so rewarding - here's a few benefits to having house plants that will help you justify your plant obsession because these benefits are just too wonderful to ignore.

Tip: How fuzzy is your air plant?  Generally, the fuzzier the air plant, the more tolerant it is to dry conditions.  Keep that in mind - the plants in your collection with a grey, fuzzy look will be happiest in different locations than those with smoother, green leaves.

3 Ways your Air Plants Love You Back

(or, 3 Justifications for your Plant Obsession!)


Air Plant in Hand

1.  Air Plants Clean the Air you Breathe

Take a look at your air plant collection.  See those tiny hairs on the leaves of your tillandsia?  Those are called trichomes, and they won't be found on other types of houseplants.  These trichomes are used to absorb water, but they also collect toxins from the air, and emit fresh oxygen when they photosynthesize each night.  Having an air plant near your bed is like an all natural air filter that's removing the harmful contaminants and replacing them with fresh oxygen while you sleep.



Air Plant Propagation Tips

2.  Air Plants Make Babies!

Besides being super easy to care for, tillandsia will start to grow pups, or mini plant babies after a year or so which is such a delight!  So that air plant that you purchase and pamper will give you great rewards of mini plants in the future.  You can remove the pups (this is called propagation and treat it as a whole new plant.  Because that's what us plant lovers really always want, right?  More plants!


Air Plants in Pots for Clean Air

3.  Air Plants Keep it Clean

There's nothing more frustrating as a houseplant owner to have a potted plant get overturned by a rowdy pet or curious child - the mess it creates between the spilled dirt and water can even ruin other items of your home decor.  Air plants, however, like to keep it clean.  Since they aren't dirt-dependent, you'll never have to worry about the mess of soil in your home.  It may seem like a minor detail, but if you have a busy home filled with pets and kids, it can make a world of difference!


Filling your home with beautiful and unique air plants is a fun hobby and can really beautify and personalize your living space.  Head over to our Shop and see which Air Plants are ready to find their way into your life so you can reap the benefits and enjoy!

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